Never in a Million Years! We’ve heard it too often. You think something is going on but you’re not sure. Or, you know for sure but need the proof because the writing is on the wall.

We work together with you and your attorney to obtain the evidence you need to move forward. You need to protect your assets and your retirement. You need to make sure the children are taken care of.

Sometimes you just need to know if your suspicions are real. It’s time to find out. There have been cases when nothing has been going on. Your spouse is just a workaholic or hanging out with friends. Maybe you are just growing apart. Find out the truth before you accuse him or her of anything and do more damage to your marriage. If nothing is going on you can guide your conversation more effectively to try to re-build your marriage and make it strong.

Private Investigators are here to find out the truth. The truth may not be what you think it is. Keep an open mind. Based on experience we can talk things through together. We can not, however, give legal advice.