Personal Injury Fraud

Although the overall economy may change from worse to bad and back to better, individuals’ financial situations will also change. A baby is on the way, a spouse has lost their job, an unexpected medical expense, the possibilities are endless. People who are backed up against a wall financially will become resourceful.

Workers Compensation Fraud is a multi Billion-dollar industry for those who see it as a means to and end.

The way it works:  Sam hurts his back while moving a large heavy pallet at work.  Initially the claim is legitimate. However, Sam becomes comfortable with his new “out of work” lifestyle while he collects his insurance check.  He may like to travel and see family or go on that ski trip to Vail he never had time for.  Another likely scenario is that Sam decides he can really do well if he gets a “second job” under the table while he collects his disability check.  Both scenarios constitute insurance fraud and needs to be stopped.


Company “A” paid $500 a week for 36 months to a “disabled” employee. That’s $78,000 to a fraudster also cutting grass on the side. Cost of a Private Investigator to catch the criminal: $1,500.

Company “B” paid $400 a week to a non productive “injured” employee for two years. This employee was claiming catastrophic disability and pursuing a multi million dollar lawsuit while fixing cars on the side. Cost of a Private Investigator to catch the scammer: $2,800.

Together we can catch the criminals and send a message that this type of Fraud will not be tolerated.

Save the company money on insurance and court costs! Get the evidence you need to eliminate bad employees without fear of a lawsuit.