What Do We Investigate?

General Investigative Services

• Professional License Search
•  Property Assessment Search
•  Property Deed Search
•  Sexual Offender Search
•  Social Security Number Verification
•  Surveillance
•  UCC Search
•  Uncollected Debt
•  Voter Registration Search
•  Watercraft Search
•  Death Record
•  Witness Interviews
•  Pre-Employment Screening
•  Layered Voice Analysis (LVA)

• Bankruptcy Search
•  Business Search
•  Civil Court Search
•  Corporation Search
•  Concealed Weapons Search
•  Criminal Records Search
•  FAA Aircraft and Pilot Search
•  Foreclosures Search
•  Liens/Judgements Search
•  Marriage/Divorce Search
•  Medical Skip
•  Motor Vehicle Search
•  Property Claims
•  ID Badges


What will Layered Voice Analysis (LVA) do for you?

Layered Voice Analysis not only detects deception and truthfulness, but it is also discerns Inaccuracies, high stress, high thinking level, high excitement, and overall psychological state of the subject being interviewed. Our software does not profile/discriminate against any class of test-subject Our software requires no special equipment (just a laptop and microphone) For more information go to: www.voiceanalysistech.com