As a company owned by a female Private Investigator we are able to handle surveillances and requests not as easily performed by a male investigator.В  Women are not normally thought of as Private Investigators giving us a unique edge on certain covert situations.В 

We are licensed in Georgia and South Carolina giving us a the unique opportunity to move between the two states uninhibited.

The Charleston, SC area is inundated by boat owners of every size imaginable.В  We have taken this fact into consideration and therefore have a 21 foot bow rider,В  we are able to utilize for surveillances on or from the water.В 

We are bi-lingual company.В  Katherine is fluent in German having been born and raised in Germany.В  We also staff a Spanish speaking investigator.

We are not afraid to travel. Las Vegas, California, Puerto Rico and The BahamasВ  are just some of the more exciting destinations we have traveled to for surveillances. We are willing to handle any surveillance as long as the local laws permit.

Our diverse group of investigators allows us to handle a variety of situations from bounty hunting, stolen vehicles andВ stolen boatsВ to the better known Workers Compensation and Infidelity Surveillances.В 

Give us a call. There are countless ways we can be of help when you have nowhere else to turn!